Cloud and Hybrid Data DevOps and Database Performance Monitoring

Accelerate the performance and quality of your data-centric applications

SentryOne helps companies accelerate performance across the data lifecycle with unmatched scalability, industry-leading customer support, and the most powerful data DevOps and database performance monitoring capabilities available for the Microsoft Data Platform.

An easier way to build, test, document, and monitor Microsoft applications.

Building high-performing data-centric apps—and keeping them running at peak performance once they're in productionis a challenge. Many of the steps can be tedious and time-consuming from a development perspective. Ensuring data integrity throughout the process is difficult, particularly if your ETL processes are faulty. Documenting SQL Server databases is notoriously tricky, particularly in large corporations where data is changing constantly. And ensuring high performance of production databases requires a careful balance of monitoring and fixing daily performance problems as well as future capacity planning. 
SentryOne helps organizations simplify building, testing, documenting, and monitoring applications to accelerate the delivery of business-critical operational and analytical data.


  • Data integration (SSIS) components
  • Data modeling and schema comparison 
  • Query analysis and tuning


  • Automated test framework for data-centric apps
  • Continuous validation of production data
  • Browser-based test tracking


  • Automated documentation for Microsoft databases
  • Metadata discovery and annotation 
  • Data lineage analysis 


  • Database monitoring with proven scalability and low overhead
  • Intuitive performance dashboard
  • Capacity planning powered by machine learning 


SentryOne Methodology Diagram - Build, Test, Document, Monitor
SentryOne helps companies build, test, document, and monitor cloud and hybrid applications on the Microsoft Data Platform 



Explore SentryOne Solutions


Optimize cloud databases

Ensure data integrity and optimize performance during and after migration to Azure or AWS.

Connect to any data source

Use high-performing SSIS components to access data stored in cloud platforms, including any REST-enabled data source.


Document databases

Automatically document SQL Server, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), or SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Manage data compliance

Easily track data lineage to ensure compliance with GDPR, CASL, and other regulations.

Test and validate data

Automatically test data and validate production results.

Monitor enterprise workloads

Monitor enterprise data estates with proven scalability and no loss of data.


SentryOne is being used to monitor SQL Server performance across our entire organization, providing trending, alerting, and helping us solve the "death by a thousand cuts" types of issues that are more of a challenge to pinpoint.

—Lars Rasmussen, Senior DBA, Solera


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