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Your frustrations with SQL Server performance problems end here.

Ready to stop wasting time troubleshooting database performance problems? These how-to videos will give you the training you need to use SQL Sentry Essentials like an all-star so you can leave your SQL Server pain points in the past. If you're not familiar with SQL Sentry Essentials, it's a new edition of our top-rated SQL Sentry database performance monitoring solution for up to 5 SQL Server database instances. 

Whether you're a new customer or just exploring SQL Sentry Essentials, these videos will give you insight into what you can do with this powerful new monitoring solution. 

Getting Started with SQL Sentry Essentials

Learn how to install Essentials and review the highlights of this powerful database monitoring solution.

SQL Sentry Essentials Highlights

This video highlights the functionality of the SentryOne Essentials solution.

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SQL Sentry Essentials Tour

Take a guided video tour of SQL Sentry Essentials capabilities.

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Setting Proactive Advisory Conditions


Anticipate and Prevent Database Problems

Stop the deluge of meaningless notifications with Advisory Conditions, which help you watch for the circumstances that lead to performance problems and proactively prevent trouble before it starts.

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Setting Proactive Advisory Conditions, Part 1

In this video, we discuss what an Advisory Condition is. We will also discuss the Conditions List and the Events Log tabs.

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Setting Proactive Advisory Conditions, Part 2

In this video, we finish our discussion on Advisory Conditions by discussing the parts of these conditions while setting up a condition to alert us when one of our global baseline values changes significantly.

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Troubleshooting Deadlocks and Blocking


Fixing SQL Server Deadlocks with SentryOne

This video discusses the Deadlocks tab with the SentryOne Performance Analysis solution.

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Troubleshooting SQL Server Blocking with SentryOne

This video introduces the information that is captured and displayed in the Blocking SQL tab within the SentryOne Performance Analysis solution.

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New Deadlock Visualization Enhancements in SentryOne SQL Sentry and Plan Explorer

SentryOne SQL Sentry 18.3 and SentryOne Plan Explorer 18.4 provide several new deadlock visualization options. SentryOne Training Manager Lori Edwards walks you through how to replay a deadlock to view a simulation of how it happened in real time, the zoom and auto-fit features, alternative graphical layouts, and a more intuitive deadlock diagram.

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Monitoring Windows and Additional Resources


Monitoring Windows OS with SentryOne

In this video, we'll be covering Win Sentry for monitoring your Windows servers along with Hyper-V hosts.

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