Monitor AlwaysOn Availability Groups with Performance Advisor

Visualize your SQL Server AlwaysOn environment in a whole new way. With three different ways to analyze your environment you can stay on top of health status as well as configuration information in easy to read layouts.

"This utility has transcended our core monitoring and alerting functionality at the shop. The customization and report ability is second to none, and allows us an in-depth look enterprise wide at our systems.”

Chris Yates

What are SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups?


Always On Availability Groups are a high-availability and disaster-recovery feature introduced with SQL Server 2012, providing enhancements and abilities over database. An Availability Group protects a set of user databases, supporting up to eight secondary replicas of the primary database. In the event of a failure on the primary, all of the databases within an Availability Group will fail over together and become active on the designated failover partner. Additionally, you can configure secondary replicas to allow read-only activity and most backup operations, potentially taking some of the load away from the primary.

AlwaysOn Monitoring with Performance Advisor


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