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The more that I use SQL Sentry, the more I fall in love with it. #SQLSentry #LoveStory

—John Morehouse

The right database monitoring tools for the job.

Choosing the right SQL database manager for your environment can be challenging. You want to find a complete solution that will handle all of the unique challenges in your environment. Providing database monitoring tools that DBA’s and IT professionals love is something we take very seriously. Our products were designed specifically to tackle the challenges that DBA’s face every day making it easy to discover performance problems and resolve them.

With solutions that offer a complete database monitoring solution, SentryOne and Plan Explorer are extremely powerful alone and even more powerful when combined.

View your server’s poor performing queries and more with SentryOne. By monitoring critical performance metrics in SQL Server, you can monitor deadlocks, blocks, queries, system resource usage as well as storage. You can analyze your servers’ performance in both real-time and historically with the easy to read dashboard. Travel back to any time where you noticed poor performance and find out exactly what was causing the issues with just a few clicks.

SentryOne also provides a custom alerting system that allows you to be alerted to the things that are most important to you. You won’t have insignificant alerts filling up your inbox and distracting you from the real issues at hand. Notifications can be customized with rules and with the simplicity of a point and click.

Gain insight into Windows tasks and SQL Server Agent Jobs with an easy to read “out-look” style calendar in Event Manager. Create job chains and get a total picture of what is running on your server at any given time. Event Manager is completely agentless, which means there is no need to install and manage agents on every one of your servers.

Make smart decisions about defragmenting your indexes with Fragmentation Manager. You can customize the schedule and setup defragmentation operations for your whole environment, or individual instances, databases, tables or indexes. Historical charts allow you to see where space is underutilized for both disk and buffer at the table and index level.

Optimize SQL query plans with ease and efficiency by using Plan Explorer. Smart zoom controls allow you to see more of your plan and quickly identify costly operators and focus on resource utilization. Examine plans in ways that are most beneficial for you with multiple views.

SentryOne provides a complete solution for database monitoring tools for the Microsoft Data Platform with little overhead and at a very competitive price. Try our tools for yourself with a free 15-day trial.