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See Windows and SQL Server performance metrics in a single dashboard in real time or historically. Target performance issues. Resolve performance issues.

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“One of my favorite things about Plan Explorer is the ability to copy the plan's XML and paste it in. When I'm working in client environments and they don't have PE installed, it's incredibly helpful.”

Erin Stellato

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Improve Performance

When it comes to tuning your SQL Server environment, SentryOne is the easiest way to determine the root cause of performance problems.

Regular Updates and New Features

With the continual innovation of our products, you can always rest assured that features and functionality will continue to match the need of the SQL Server industry.

Low Overhead

SentryOne software is built with performance in mind. Our architecture is agent-less, thus creating as minimal an impact as possible on your environment. Other tools may create more of a performance load than the issue you are trying to resolve. Check out our Overhead Analysis for complete transparency and what to expect.

Lower Cost and Return on Investment

Not only does our software continue to deliver more features and functionality, but our prices are also lower than our competitors. With SentryOne software, you will save time by reducing the amount of work required to get to the root of performance problems and be able to spend more time actively managing your environment.

Superior Customer Support and Credibility

SentryOne provides top notch support from highly skilled support engineers with real-world SQL Server experience. We have been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for years and take great pride in our customer survey results that show us to rank consistently higher than other Microsoft partners in all areas. View our survey results here.