Query Optimization with SentryOne Plan Explorer

SentryOne Plan Explorer offers even more ways to make SQL Server optimization easier through query tuning.


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Plan Explorer is a single installation file containing the application and the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) add-in, which allows you to jump directly to Plan Explorer from SSMS.


“With over 250,000 downloads of Plan Explorer to date, it has become the tool of choice for SQL Server query optimization.”

- Aaron Bertrand 

Optimizing Query Performance with Plan Explorer

You can write different SQL queries to attain the same results, but do you want to run a query that will slow server performance? Of course not. Every DBA will encounter poor performing queries or performance issues that seem to be inexplicable. The best way to explain these issues is to dive into the execution plan. You want to use the best query possible to improve performance not slow it down. SQL query optimization is an important part of SQL Server administration, and you need to tune your queries based on what you are trying to achieve to get the best results.

While SQL Server Management Studio does include the built-in functionality to review execution plans, it isn’t always the most useful. SentryOne Plan Explorer was designed to make SQL query optimization easier than native SSMS tools. Plan Explorer is a lightweight, standalone tool that does not require a collector service or database.


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This eBook is the first in a series that will help you get the absolute most out of the additional insight Plan Explorer offers.

Key Features of SentryOne Plan Explorer

This standalone Windows application contains many of the plan analysis features included in the full SentryOne Platform software but does not require a collector service or database.


    • Index Analysis -- Determine the best index to support a given query.
    • Statistics Analysis -- Visualize query parameters and statistics.
    • Plan Diagram -- See your query plan on your desktop or laptop screen with full layout control.
    • Query Performance Profiling and Playback -- Replay your SQL Server queries with access to their live performance statistics.
    • And much more -- For a complete overview of Plan Explorer features, read our comprehensive user guide.


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