Query Optimization with Plan Explorer

SentryOne Plan Explorer offers even more ways to make SQL Server optimization easier through query tuning. Take a 30-day free trial and get all of the features in Plan Explorer PRO and get to the root of your challenging query tuning issues faster.

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Optimizing Query Performance with Plan Explorer

You can write different SQL queries to attain the same results, but do you want to run a query that will slow server performance? Of course not. Every DBA will encounter poor performing queries or performance issues that seem to be inexplicable. The best way to explain these issues is to dive into the execution plan. You want to use the best query possible to improve performance not slow it down. SQL query optimization is an important part of SQL Server administration, and you need to tune your queries based on what you are trying to achieve to get the best results.

While SQL Server Management Studio does include the built-in functionality to review execution plans, it isn’t always the most useful. SentryOne Plan Explorer was designed to make SQL query optimization easier than native SSMS tools. There are two versions, free and pro, each packed with outstanding features and functionality. Plan Explorer is lightweight, standalone and does not require a collector service or database. Many SQL Server professionals choose Plan Explorer to troubleshoot their poor performing queries, read on and see why!

Great Features and Functionality

What you get

The initial download of Plan Explorer provides you with a free trial of Plan Explorer PRO. This allows you to try out all of the incredible functionality of Plan Explorer PRO, and once the PRO trial has ended, you can still take advantage of Plan Explorer free forever for continued SQL query optimization. Both the FREE and PRO versions have some unique features that we will touch on briefly below.

Add-In for SSMS

With the SSMS add-in, you can go directly to Plan Explorer from Management Studio with just a few clicks. Gain better insight and clarity to your SQL optimization operations than with native SSMS tools.

Plan Diagram

Identify your most expensive operators when performing SQL query optimization operations with insightful color coding. Focus on specific resources operating costs by I/O or CPU.

Statements Tree

Focus on specific metrics without having to search the graphical plan by sorting by column in the statements tree. Quickly view statements with the highest costs and see the inconsistency between actual and estimated row counts.

Layouts Panel (PRO)

Manage large execution plans with ease. Rotate, flatten or stretch plans, apply cost filters and zoom in or out to make viewing your plan as well as SQL optimization effortless.

History and Comments (PRO)

Maintain different versions and history of your plans as you adjust your plans for SQL optimization success.

Full Query Call Stack (PRO)

Tracing the cause of statements from dynamic SQL, loops, conditional logic and more is easy. Identify nested statements as well as iterations that are exceptions in terms of performance metrics.

Plan Explorer offers the above functionality and much more. Give it a try today for free and start optimizing your queries and improving performance.