Choosing the Right

SQL Monitoring Tools

for Your Database Server Environment Just Got Easier

Choosing the right server monitoring tools for your environment doesn’t have to be difficult. SentryOne offers individual products as well as suites of all of our products allowing you to pick just what you need.

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Choosing the right Server Monitoring Tool | SentryOne

“The more that I use SentryOne SQL Sentry, the more I fall in love with it. #SQLSentry #LoveStory”

—John Morehouse

Choosing Server Monitoring Tools

Whether you are monitoring SQL Server, SSAS, Azure SQL Database, or Windows Servers, SentryOne provides award-winning server monitoring tools that are unmatched in the industry. Our tools were designed based on the need to efficiently manage large numbers of SQL Servers to make the DBA’s job easier and more productive. Over the years, we have increased functionality and continue to provide server monitoring tools that are designed with industry struggles in mind.

When choosing SQL monitoring tools for your environment, it’s important to weigh many factors ranging from functionality to cost. SentryOne provides products with superb functionality at a lower price point than the competition. Our products are designed to scale to accommodate even the largest environments with lightweight polling architecture that incurs very minimal server and network overhead.



Join Lori Edwards for a walk-through of SentryOne - the all-in-one platform that allows data professionals to monitor their SQL environment easily, quickly diagnose issues and get to the optimal performance. 


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