Choosing SQL Tools That Work For You

Finding the right SQL tools that work for you doesn’t have to be hard! SentryOne offers four different solutions to mix and match for all of your performance monitoring needs.

Get a free 15 day trial of any of our products and see just how easy it is to use SentryOne tools!

1. Performance Advisor
2. Event Manager
3. Plan Explorer
4. Fragmentation Manager

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Increase Performance and Save Time

Are you looking for SQL tools to help you monitor and troubleshoot performance issues and alert you to problems? Choosing the right SQL Server tools for the job can be tricky. There are so many options available and, of course, if you can’t find a tool that has everything you need, you may find yourself buying more than one product. SentryOne has come up with a perfect solution for DBAs who need a reliable SQL tool that won’t place a strain on their production environment. Our suite of SQL tools are packed with functionality and with the lowest overhead in the industry. Check out why SentryOne is the best choice for SQL Server tools for your environment!

Four Great Tools

Performance Advisor

This easy to use SQL tool allows you to see all of your most important metrics on one screen and easily track down pesky performance issues. Performance Advisor allows you to jump to specific dates and times when you know your servers were performing poorly and see exactly what was happening, or you can watch your servers in real-time. Combining baselines with alerting gives you the most complete change management and notification system in the industry.

Event Manager

Event Manager offers a clear and concise view of all of your server event schedules. You can catch scheduling issues that may impact your server instantly in real-time, historically or in the future, and just drag and drop them into other time slots as needed. Event Manager allows you to take control of long running events, failed events, content and schedule overlap to remedy problems before they even arise. Like Performance Advisor, Event Manager provides a comprehensive alerting system that provides response actions to runtime, performance conditions and event status. Notifications can also be generated for Windows tasks, SQL Server Agent log events, and Reporting Services reports. You can even create job chains and specify dependencies and workflows that involve SQL Agent Jobs and Windows tasks. Chain levels are limitless as are the jobs and tasks per chain level.

Fragmentation Manager

Make sound decisions on when and how you should defragment with Fragmentation Manager. Create environment-wide schedules and automate index defragmentation operations. You can customize the schedule as well as other elements like instances, databases, and tables to make defragmenting easier than ever. With multiple concurrent operations, defragmentation is even faster. You can view your wasted space for disk and buffer at both a table and index level via historical charts. Stay as informed as you want when it comes to the status for your defrag process with notifications. Reports allow you to drill down to the index level to quickly diagnose problems.

Plan Explorer

With Plan Explorer, you can see more of your plans with zoom controls and an advanced layout algorithm. Identify costly operations and resource utilization with color coding and the plan diagram. Focus on a particular metric without having to search for it with the statements tree. Spot costly scan operations, as well as discrepancies in actual vs. estimated row counts with the plan tree and top operations tab. The join diagram tab shows the underlying tables, and you can easily see the relationship between tables that are involved in the plan and reorganize the layout as necessary with a simple drag and drop. Try the free version of Plan Explorer here.

The Best SQL Server Tools in the Industry

SentryOne offers the best SQL Server tools in the industry allowing DBAs to improve the performance of their servers and be more efficient in uncovering performance issues. Continual innovation and unmatched customer support are at the forefront of all SentryOne products. They are built to scale to even the largest environments and cost less than competitor SQL Server tools while delivering more functionality and features. With all of the excellent SQL tools that SentryOne offers in bundles or separately, any DBA’s job can be easier and finding the right SQL Server tools for your environment is only a click away.


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