SentryOne Architecture

SentryOne software was built to handle the largest server environments. Its lightweight polling architecture incurs minimal network and server overhead; and because there are no agents, installation and maintenance overhead is virtually non-existent.

SentryOne Client

The zero-configuration SentryOne Client mirrors your existing Management Studio configuration, so you don't have to redefine all of your servers and groups.  As a result you can be up and running in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days.  You can install an unlimited number of Clients across your enterprise, and DBAs can easily connect to multiple SentryOne installations from a single Client.

SentryOne Database

SentryOne utilizes a single SQL Server database to store collected job and performance data, as well as configuration information. For maximum fault tolerance the SentryOne database can be installed on a clustered SQL Server instance.

SentryOne Monitoring Service

The SentryOne Monitoring Service is a Windows service which handles various responsibilities, including monitoring job status and performance, generating notifications, and actively collecting job history data.  One SentryOne Monitoring Service is required for approximately every 50 to 100 monitored servers.

Fault Tolerant Architecture

Multiple Monitoring Services can be linked together using our own clustering technology to provide virtually linear scalability and extreme fault tolerance. If any SentryOne Monitoring Service fails, the others automatically pick up the load in a matter of seconds, ensuring nothing is missed and notifications are always sent.

Using the concept of "Sites", SentryOne can easily be setup in geographically dispersed environments to monitor SQL Servers at specific locations and report back to the SentryOne database, minimizing network overhead.

SentryOne Event Connector System

SentryOne seamlessly integrates external event data into calendars alongside SQL Server Agent jobs, and gives you unprecedented visibility and control over all of the events that can impact your server performance. See Cross-platform Support for more information.

SentryOne Architecture