Task Factory Upgrade

SentryOne has removed a third-party component (/n software’s IPWorks connectivity software) from the Task Factory product. As such, Task Factory users who are running Task Factory versions 2016.1.7.210 through 2020.1.4 must upgrade to Task Factory version 2020.11.1 or newer.

To upgrade to the latest version, please download the latest Task Factory version and follow the step-by-step upgrade instructions.

Once you have completed the upgrade, please complete and submit this confirmation form reflecting your upgrade to Task Factory 2020.11.1 or newer. You can also email taskfactoryupgrade@sentryone.com to confirm your upgrade, although your email signature with your title or position listed must be included with the email.

Questions about upgrading to the latest version of Task Factory? Please reference the FAQ and resources provided below for more details.




How will this upgrade affect me? 

The removal of the third-party component does not affect the functionality provided in the latest versions of Task Factory. 


What changes to Task Factory functionality can I anticipate with Task Factory 2020.11.1 or newer?

Depending on the Task Factory version you’re currently running, upgrading to the latest version of Task Factory will give you the latest enhancements and bug fixes currently available. For more details, please check out the Task Factory release notes and system requirements.

Note: In Task Factory version 2019.4.1 (released September 24, 2019), the LinkedIn, Marketo, and Hadoop components were deprecated. The Task Factory REST Source and Destination can be used to connect to these systems as an alternative.


How soon do I need to upgrade to Task Factory version 2020.11.1 or newer?

The upgrade deadline was February 19, 2021. Please upgrade immediately to avoid a disruption in product support.

Download the latest version here.


I’m encountering issues during the upgrade process. What should I do?

The SentryOne support team is ready to help you troubleshoot any problems you encounter during the upgrade process. Contact support today.


Do I need to upgrade to the latest version if I'm running Task Factory Azure Data Factory?

If you use the automated installation option, simply restart the IR (Integration Runtime) and the installer will use the latest version.

If you use the manual installation option, then you’ll need to confirm you’re using Task Factory 2020.11.1 or newer. You can confirm your Task Factory Azure Data Factory version number in the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer.

  1. First, open Storage Explorer and open the storage blob where you installed Task Factory from. Locate and open the cmd.log directory. You’ll see a list of directories from each installation of Task Factory. Locate and open the latest installation directory. (The name will be similar to tvmps_36512b6f3546d688cc742c2f16e007be8c9e52f9ad41c6a653cc946c74649374_d#CustomSetup#2020-03-18T130755Z.)

  2. Within that directory, there will be a log file. Double click that file to download and open it a text editor.

  3. Within that file, you’ll see a file path that includes the Task Factory version number. If the version number is less than 2020.11.1, you’ll need to manually install the latest version by uploading the latest version of Task Factory to your install blob container.



Download the latest version of Task Factory.

Download the Latest Version

Need help? The SentryOne Support team is ready to help you successfully upgrade.

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Follow these step-by-step instructions to complete your Task Factory upgrade.

Upgrade Instructions