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Streamline data testing and validation with SentryOne Test

Bad business data can lead to bad business decisions

Making strategic decisions based on inaccurate data can have crippling consequences for businesses, yet many organizations constantly struggle to fix their data-quality problems.


Lack of support for multiple data sources 


Testing data from different sources—such as legacy apps or data inherited through acquisitions—is difficult without the right tools.

Thorough testing is time-consuming


Conducting high-quality data testing is hard, especially with tight delivery deadlines and insufficient staffing.

No visibility into test success metrics


Understanding why a test failed can be maddening without tools that help you analyze the test results.

Distributing validated data can be tricky


Ensuring that validated data reaches users in the correct state can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Reduce time spent testing and validating data


SentryOne Test is an automated framework based on industry standards that can reduce time spent on testing and validating data.


Easily connect to different data sources


  • Connect to any database with an ADO.NET provider (which includes ODBC and OLE DB) to test multiple databases on different technologies

  • Compare data from any REST data source

  • Conduct tests on SSIS data packages, SSRS reports, and both multidimensional and tabular SSAS databases

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Accelerate the data testing process


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View test success metrics in a dashboard


  • Use a browser-based dashboard that displays your test success or failure metrics

  • Confirm your results have been correct over time and assign responsibility for failure remediation—before bad data impacts a decision

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Assure accurate data
over time


  • Automate continuous validation of production data to ensure accurate data over time

  • Display data test results in the dashboard or provide detailed metrics for developers  
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Stop questioning the data that runs your business

Speed data test and validation and improve results with SentryOne Test.


Test and validate your data in less time

SentryOne Test streamlines the test and validation process with intuitive wizards, integration with Visual Studio, and repeatable tests that you can schedule to run automatically.

Be confident that your validated data stays accurate

You can set SentryOne Test to continuously validate data and display test results in an intuitive dashboard with drill-down metrics for deeper analysis.

Connect to nearly any data source

With SentryOne Test, you can connect to nearly any database and test data in SQL Server, SSIS packages, SSRS reports, or other properties.

"From a business perspective, LegiTest enables the Technology Team to properly test in lower lifecycle environments, as well as validate and monitor production processes that are key to the organization’s success.” 

—Jeremy Kadlec,


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