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Installation and onboarding resources

Reference the SQL Sentry help documentation below as you install and configure SQL Sentry in your database environment.


System Requirements

Find out which Windows, .NET, and SQL Server versions are supported for the SQL Sentry client, monitoring service, and database machines, as well as which monitoring target types are supported. (Note that SQL Server admin rights are recommended when installing SQL Sentry.)

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Installation Recommendations

View recommended settings and configurations for installing components of the SQL Sentry architecture.

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Installation Instructions

Reference step-by-step instructions for installing the SQL Sentry monitoring software in your environment.

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Find out more about each step in the SQL Sentry Onboarding wizard, including enabling email alerts, configuring Advisory Conditions, and adding targets and instances to watch.
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Monitoring Service Security

Get details on the SQL Sentry monitoring service security requirements and learn how to change the monitoring service credentials, adjust the target access level, and more.

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