Using Visual Studio to View Test Results

These steps and video will show you how to view test results in Visual Studio.

For this example, we used a stored procedure and tested the value ‘NY’ and comparing it to the value ‘433.’ This should be the number of students in New York. This test will be targeted against the MSTest Framework, that way I can use the built-in tools in Visual Studio.

Step 1: Make sure your test is saved before you begin. You can do this with the floppy disk icon on the top toolbar. You want to build your project by going to Build Build Solution.

Assuming there are no problems, you should see ‘Build Succeeded’ in the status at the bottom of Visual Studio.

Step 2: To view your test, go to the Test Windows Test Explorer. This will display the collection of tests you have.

Step 3: Click Run All. You should see it begin to execute.

If there is a failed test, it will display it at the bottom. You will see details on the failure below. In the example, there was an error because I used the abbreviation for New York, ‘NY,’ instead of writing it out.


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