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Who helps Straight Path Solutions identify problematic code and right-size environments?


Straight Path Solutions


Companies struggle with database issues like security, availability, or performance. Straight Path Solutions is a team of on-demand experts that serves its clients by helping to own their databases, freeing up companies to focus on their growth.



Poorly written queries pose a consistent challenge for data professionals, including Straight Path Solutions’ customers.


Straight Path, which manages hundreds of SQL Servers for its customers, uses SentryOne SQL Sentry, V Sentry, and Plan Explorer to pinpoint problematic code and provide customers considerable savings.


Thanks to SentryOne solutions, the company can quickly identify database performance problems, right-size environments, and earn customers’ trust.

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To learn more about how Straight Path Solutions quickly identifies query performance problems and earns customers' trust, download the 5-page case study.


“If we can make your queries better, we can save you money. SentryOne helps us figure those things out.”

— Mike Walsh, Straight Path Solutions President, Founder, and Consultant


Straight Path Solutions not only wants to help their customers find and fix their database performance challenges, but also save them money. An MSP that focuses on the Microsoft Data Platform and supports VMware systems, Straight Path wants its customers to feel confident that their dollars are well spent.

Poorly written queries, improperly sized or configured environments, and disk I/O problems can inflate data storage expenses. Without an effective, efficient way to diagnose such issues, troubleshooting costs can quickly add up. For customers who migrate to the cloud, inefficient environments can also increase infrastructure costs.


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