Gain Visibility into Performance Across Your Data Estate with SQL Sentry Premium Edition

Earlier this year, we announced our plan to release new SQL Sentry editions that would help data professionals not only get started easily with SQL Sentry but also gain visibility across their data estate. We ended up making some tweaks to our SQL Sentry editions following that announcement, and we are excited to introduce both a brand-new edition and an updated edition of our flagship database performance monitoring solution.

Beginning today, SentryOne will offer two SQL Sentry editions: Essentials and Premium. Each edition, available only by subscription, provides different sets of database performance monitoring capabilities to help you tailor your database performance monitoring solution to your organization’s specific needs.

In addition, we have consolidated the monitoring capabilities from DB Sentry (for Azure SQL Database), BI Sentry (for SQL Server Analysis Services), Win Sentry (for Windows Hyper-V hosts), and V Sentry (for VMware hosts) into SQL Sentry Premium, enabling data professionals to do more with SQL Sentry.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these editions and what they can be used to monitor.

New: SQL Sentry Premium

SQL Sentry Premium includes SQL Sentry’s full feature set, including Top SQL, blocking, deadlocks, Availability Group monitoring, event chaining, disk forecasting powered by machine learning, and—introduced in the latest release—tempdb analysis. Deployed with the SentryOne Scalability Pack, SQL Sentry Premium gives you the power and scalability needed to monitor, diagnose, and optimize your data estate, no matter the size.

Always On Availability Group Monitoring in SQL Sentry Premium

Always On Availability Group monitoring in SQL Sentry Premium

Enhanced Disk Forecasting in SQL Sentry Premium

Disk Forecasting in SQL Sentry Premium 

Visibility Across Your Data Estate

We have consolidated functionality from several SentryOne monitoring solutions into SQL Sentry Premium to provide the flexibility you need to monitor your entire data estate. With this change, a SQL Sentry Premium license can be used to monitor any of the following types of targets:

  • SQL Server running in physical, virtual, and cloud environments
  • SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
  • Azure SQL Database (and Managed Instance)
  • Windows Server/Hyper-V and VMware hosts

The functionality that we previously provided in separate products—for example, DB Sentry for monitoring Azure SQL Database or BI Sentry for monitoring SSAS—is now available in the new SQL Sentry Premium edition. With this consolidation, you will no longer need to worry about using the right type of license for any of the target types listed above. You'll simply point a SQL Sentry Premium license to any supported target type to start collecting monitoring data. For example, if you’re monitoring SQL Server and need to temporarily monitor a VMware host, you can just stop watching a SQL Server target and add the VMware target.

A note about Azure SQL Database: Although a SQL Sentry Premium license provides the most flexibility and can be used to monitor Azure SQL Database in a hybrid environment, dedicated licensing is available for large Azure SQL Database environments.

Also, although SQL Sentry Premium consolidates many of our monitoring products into one license, DW Sentry (for monitoring Azure Synapse Analytics, formerly called Azure SQL Data Warehouse) is still available as a separate license.

SentryOne Portal Dashboard

SentryOne Performance Analysis Dashboard

SentryOne Portal Top SQL View

SentryOne Top SQL view

Do More with SQL Sentry

SQL Sentry Premium edition represents a major leap forward in our ability to give you visibility across your entire data estate. SQL Sentry’s Premium and Essentials editions offer flexibility to choose the solution that best fits your needs. We’re looking forward to extending the power of our top-rated database performance monitoring solution to organizations of all sizes and with diverse database environments.

Interested in learning more about how SQL Sentry can help you achieve optimal database performance? Download a free trial here. And, if you're a current SentryOne customer and have questions about how these SQL Sentry updates will affect you, please contact your SentryOne Customer Success Manager for more details.

Suril (@suriljasani) is the Director of Product Management at SentryOne, where he directs the definition, delivery, and overall performance of the SQL Sentry product portfolio. Here he covers a range of topics that include SQL Sentry features, tips and tricks, troubleshooting methodologies, team updates, and more. Suril holds a BS in Computer Science from University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and a BS in Finance from Gardner-Webb University.