Plan Explorer PRO Goes FREE!

Greg Gonzalez

Published On: September 8, 2016

Categories: Execution Plans, Plan Explorer 32

At SQL Sentry we are driven to inspire and enable Microsoft data professionals to optimize their database environments – wherever they are or whatever platform they choose to use.

Part of this mission is to help to advance the art and science of query optimization. Over the last 6 years we have helped thousands of data pros and developers elevate their query tuning with Plan Explorer, our free query plan analysis tool. We’ve been amazed at how well it has been received. We even built a premium version called Plan Explorer PRO, and it included more advanced features like tuning history, multi-tab, wait stats, plan filtering, deadlock analysis, and more.

Which brings me to today, one of the most exciting days in the history of SQL Sentry. I would like to introduce to you the new unified Plan Explorer v3! This edition includes all features of Plan Explorer PRO, plus two new and incredibly powerful features: Index Analysis and Performance Profiling.

These new features were originally going to be part of yet a 3rd edition called Plan Explorer ULTIMATE, and at an even higher price point. However, we ultimately came to our senses and realized that this would be counter to the mission, and that the only way ahead was to make all features of Plan Explorer freely available to everyone.

That's right: PRO, ULTIMATE – all of it. FREE for all, forever!

Download Plan Explorer - Now Completely Free!

Still no registration required, and no strings attached. Sure, we hope you will join the Plan Explorer community, and there are some great benefits to doing so, but that's up to you.

If you've purchased Plan Explorer PRO in the last 3 months, contact us and we will give you a full refund of your purchase price. If you purchased between 3-6 months ago, we will refund half your money, or apply a full credit towards the purchase of other SQL Sentry software.

Aaron Bertrand will be conducting a webinar this Friday, September 9th, at 11 AM Eastern, to walk you through the amazing new features. Missed it? Catch it here.

Here's hoping your query tuning efforts will never be the same again!

Greg is founder and Chief Scientist at SentryOne. He is a Microsoft developer by background and has been working with SQL Server since the mid 90s. He is perpetually engaged in the design and development of SQL Sentry, Plan Explorer and other SentryOne solutions for optimizing performance on the Microsoft Data Platform.


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