Power BI Previews Galore and the NYSE Wobble

Kevin Kline

Published On: July 13, 2015

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Power BI Preview app for Android phones is now available!

As one of the leading partners of the Microsoft SQL Server Power BI team, we keep a close eye on new developments with this very cool set of features. So if you're building any solutions on Power BI, take a note that Microsoft has announced that the Power BI Preview app for Android phones is now available for download from Google Play. *Note: supported for Android 4.4 or newer. Download today and start enjoying Power BI data on your Android phone in mere seconds. Click HERE to learn more about the Power BI for Android app.

Power BI Preview App for Windows has been in the Windows Store since May. Click HERE to learn more about the Power BI Preview App for Windows.

And of course, you can learn more about the SQL Sentry Content Pack for Microsoft Power BI, which launched back in June.

Looking for Public Power BI Training?

There is lots of great public Power BI content, training and demos posted to Microsoft Partner Network Partner Portal available HERE. In addition, Jen Underwood, the Microsoft lead for Power BI has posted some of her own resources on her blog.

Power BI Community

There's a new Power BI Community Site is now online at http://community.powerbi.com. Microsoft may eventually build this site out into a full, “one-stop-shop” for all things Power BI related. You'll also see announcements for things like webinars, videos, training and hands-on-labs, as well as information covered by PASS BA and Power BI user groups. The Community Site is also intended to aid non-technical business users and data-savvy business analyst users, not just hardcore techies. Those folks already have TechNet forums and Developer sites.

Hackers? No, patches! A Bad Day at the NYSE

The NYSE had a very bad day last week in what, at first glance, appeared to be hackers but in fact was simple human error around a software upgrade. Includes quotes from Michael Corey (b | t), Thomas LaRock (b | t), and yours truly. Read it at DBTA.com. What are your experiences with software upgrades? Are they a smooth and easy process? Or are they an afterthought that usually requires some form of customization and hand-holding?


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