Webinar Follow-Up: Top 4 Data Technology Trends for DBAs in 2019

Kevin Kline

Published On: January 31, 2019

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In January, I was privileged to lead a discussion panel of distinguished experts (Mark Allison, David Klee, and Chrissy LeMaire) during our webinar The Top 4 Data Technology Trends Every DBA Should Know About in 2019.


If you haven’t yet seen the presentation, click here to view it on-demand for free.

You might enjoy a deeper dive into some of the trends we discussed. Check out our on-demand webinar discussing data DevOps with Sabin.IO’s Mark Allison and Paul Anderton to learn how you can integrate Continuous Deployment/Continuous Integration (CD/CI) with SentryOne SQL Sentry to ensure code doesn't roll out to production that hurts SQL Server performance.

If you’re interested in data science, machine learning, and predictive analytics, then find out how we’ve started applying these concepts to our own products in the on-demand webinar How to Predict Your Future Storage Needs. And don’t forget about the free eBooks, webinars, case studies, and white papers that are available in the SentryOne Resource Library.

Data Trends Webinar Q&A

During the Data Technology Trends webinar, we received a great question from an attendee.

Q: Regarding PowerShell, what is your take, Chrissy, on open source version 6.x? l am experiencing loss of functionality versus version 5.x. For example, my registered servers (via SSMS) are not accessible. I do not see them in SQLSERVER:\ path. That's a major issue for me, as I rely on my registered servers for automation.

A—Chrissy LeMaire: PowerShell 6, which works on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows, does indeed have limitations due to the .NET Core requirement. The SQL Server team is currently working to make more libraries like the CMS DLLs available in Core. They are asking the community to help them prioritize what should be converted next. I also completely miss CMS when working with PS 6 (and really only use PS 6 to develop Core-compatible commands).

There are a number of places to submit requests for more PowerShell Core, but I've been advised to add my feedback here, where the Core developers actively monitor: https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/sqlserver. You can see I had the exact same request in early December! So, I encourage you to vote because one more voice could make a difference.

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