Right-Sizing SentryOne Document for Your Environment

Tyler Lynch

Published On: February 11, 2020

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By now, I trust everyone has heard about SentryOne Document and its powerful automated database documentation and data lineage capabilities.

If you haven’t, SentryOne Document is a SaaS solution that takes the hassle out of database documentation and makes it easy to understand the lineage of your data in complex data estates. SentryOne Document empowers data professionals to maintain up-to-date documentation and ensure they’re remaining compliant with data privacy regulations.

If you’d like to dive in and learn more, you can check out our webinar delivered by myself and SentryOne Director of Engineering Matt Whitfield, or my previous blog posts about SentryOne Document’s features.

While our engineers continue to work diligently on making SentryOne Document the most feature-rich and robust solution in the market, we’ve done some work to make sure your buying journey is a breeze. To accomplish this, we’re introducing three new editions that will allow you get the most value out of SentryOne Document.

SentryOne Document_Comparison_Chart

SentryOne Document Essentials

SentryOne Document Essentials is perfect for the data professional who wants to automate high-quality database documentation. With this offering, you’re able to produce documentation for your data sources, search that documentation for quick access to important information, and automate the entire process. This edition is great for development teams who want to start automating metadata documentation and streamline knowledge transfer across the organization. With the ability to connect to a growing list of data source types, Essentials is a complete solution for many users.

SentryOne Document Essentials

SentryOne Document documentation, available in the Essentials edition

The SentryOne Document Essentials edition is great for environments that:

  • Have a need for automating database documentation
  • Have data stored in several different technology types (SQL Server, Azure Data Factory, SQL Server Integration Services, etc.)

SentryOne Document Standard

SentryOne Document Standard builds on the capabilities available in Essentials, but packs in more features to elevate your SentryOne Document experience. On top of automated database documentation, the Standard edition grants you the ability to manage and maintain historical snapshots and documentation, allows you to compare current and historical documentation in a side-by-side comparison view, and gives you the power to customize your documentation using a robust data dictionary. This edition is perfect for organizations that would like to incorporate documentation as part of their build-and-release cycle / DevOps pipeline and track changes in their environment over time, or for cross-departmental documentation sharing purposes.

SentryOne Document Documentation Data Dictionary

SentryOne Document Data Dictionary and historical documentation, available in the Standard edition


The SentryOne Document Standard edition is great for environments that:

  • Need to automate documentation
  • Need to incorporate documentation as part of their build-and-release cycle and track changes in their environment over time
  • Need to share documentation across departments
  • Rely on data-driven decisions to grow business

SentryOne Document Premium

SentryOne Document Premium adds our powerful data lineage engine to the features available in Essentials and Standard. Premium offers a highly detailed visualization that captures the mappings of rapidly growing and interconnected data pipelines within your organization. Whether you’re preparing for a cloud migration, ensuring your company is remaining compliant with one of the many data privacy regulations, or need to understand the dependencies within your complex environment, SentryOne Document Premium is the solution that will empower you to take control over your data estate.

SentryOne Document Premium

SentryOne Document data lineage and impact analysis, available in the Premium edition.


The SentryOne Document Premium edition is great for environments that:

  • Are preparing for a cloud migration
  • Have mission-critical workloads
  • Require constant understanding of dependencies and resource consumption
  • Must remain compliant with data privacy regulations

Interested in learning more or downloading a free trial of the Premium edition of SentryOne Document? Check it out here.

Tyler is a Product Manager, assisting in the development and delivery of the SentryOne Data DevOps product portfolio. After working as a software developer for almost two years, he transitioned to Product Management with a desire to be more directly involved with SentryOne customers and to leverage the technical experience he's gained to understand the problems and solutions in the industry better. He is thrilled to be a part of the next generation that is committing to improving the lives of the Microsoft Data Professional.