SentryOne Advisory Conditions on GitHub

Melissa Connors

Published On: August 5, 2020

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Recently, I published a new article to SentryOne Docs called Advisory Conditions on GitHub. The exciting part about this article (for now) isn’t that the conditions available in the SentryOne Advisory Conditions Pack are also accessible on GitHub, but rather that additional conditions from our SentryOne team are published there. These are conditions that have been created by (mostly) our Sales Engineering and Professional Services teams.

Currently, we have more than 20 of these additional conditions available in the s1-team-submitted folder on GitHub (and we’re working on adding more). There are a few conditions related to backups and storage, a handful that are SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) related, and some interesting miscellaneous conditions. The article describes each condition and explains how you can download and import them into your SentryOne environment from GitHub.

To learn more about how conditions and alerting work in SentryOne, see the Advisory Conditions and Actions articles on SentryOne Docs.

SentryOne Advisory Conditions on GitHub

You might be wondering why we have the download-pack on GitHub if you already have those conditions available in your SentryOne installation. We’re currently exploring ways that we might use GitHub more in the future and that directory is part of that work. It’s too early to promise anything or discuss product roadmaps, but there’s some exciting potential in this area.

SentryOne on GitHub

You might have noticed that we’ve had a GitHub footprint for some time. For example:

All of these are ways for us to make additional product enhancements and configurations available to you in a self-service way. GitHub, of course, allows for communities to come together to work on projects. Matt Whitfield has a blog series on the SentryOne Unit Test Generator, which is an open-source tool for the community in the unittestgenerator repository.

Right now, the SentryOne GitHub contributor community for most of our repositories is limited to the SentryOne team. We know other members of the SentryOne community have built great conditions, reports, scripts, and other things to boost their SentryOne experience. Part of our overall GitHub plan involves expanding contribution abilities to our entire community so that you can use and share those things with everyone. We look forward to adding you as a GitHub community contributor in the future once that is available!

Melissa is the Product Education Manager at SentryOne. Melissa has over a decade of experience with SQL Server through software performance and scalability testing, analysis and research projects, application development, and technical support.