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Glenn Berry talks about the blazing speeds of the latest Intel Optane gear from Intel, and how they can improve your SQL Server workloads.
Glenn Berry lays out a convincing argument to upgrade to a modern version of SQL Server -- considering not only the platform improvements but also changes to Windows, storage, and hardware.
Glenn Berry discusses the ever-changing landscape of memory/storage technology, and how it relates to SQL Server workloads on Windows servers.
Glenn Berry provides the SQL Server DBA some insight into the ever-changing world of hardware and infrastructure.
Glenn Berry of SQLskills walks us through using Geekbench 3.2 from Primate Labs to test and compare CPU and memory performance on Windows database servers.
September 17, 2014 | | CPU Performance, Hardware 0
Glenn Berry of SQLskills continues on database server hardware trends; today he previews some new processors that may save you some money on SQL Server 2014.
September 9, 2014 | | Performance, Hardware 0
Glenn Berry (@GlennAlanBerry) of SQLskills continues his series on hardware selection, ou

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