SentryOne Partner: Theta

Asia-Pacific Sales, Support and Maintenance Services

Partnerships are a key part of our plan to bring our powerful database performance monitoring and DataOps solutions to new markets.

Theta, an experienced IT consultancy headquartered in New Zealand, is one of our trusted partners and will expand the SentryOne presence to potential new Asia-Pacific customers seeking database performance monitoring and DataOps solutions.

In addition to serving as a reseller partner, Theta will make it easier for our Asia-Pacific customers to receive faster support from professionals trained on our solutions. They will have access to:


Added Technicians

  • With more technicians available, you will experience shorter wait times and get to a resolution faster.

Increased Support Hours

  • With a dedicated APAC customer service team, within this region you will not have to wait for support staff in other time zones to help solve problems.

  • Support hours will be Monday-Friday 8am-6pm New Zealand standard time, and open 24 hours on weekends.  

Ticket Management

  • Theta support staff will have the ability to handle and fulfill any service requests from start to finish, which includes incident detection and recording, classification and prioritization, investigation, escalation, diagnosis and resolution.              

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