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Win Sentry for Windows

Win Sentry makes Windows Server performance monitoring easier by auto-correlating and tracking performance for all of your Windows processes and services, and groups them by application such as SharePoint, IIS, SSRS, and SSIS.

The Hyper-V host dashboard allows you to see how resources are being allocated by virtual machine and allows you to easily jump to a VM dashboard.

Windows Server Performance Monitoring with support for Hyper-V Hosts, Event Management, and Secure Cloud Access.

One Platform. All Performance.
Key Features
  • Hyper-V Host Dashboard
    If your Windows server is operating as a virtual server host, Win Sentry allows you to see all of the resources being used by each guest VM.

    The Hyper-V host dashboard allows you to see metrics across all of your virtual machines, both by guest VM and in aggregate.

    View CPU usage and wait time, memory usage, and disk I/O to determine if a guest VM is using more resources than it should.

    If the guest VM is also being monitored, jump straight to the guest VM performance dashboard to troubleshoot and investigate any issues affecting the host or neighboring VMs.

  • Windows Performance Dashboard
    View real-time and historical metrics for full performance insight on a single screen.

    The dashboard contains information from a variety of sources, all consolidated and presented in an easy to read, easy to understand visual format.

    See exactly what is happening in real time, or switch to history mode and see what was happening at any time in the past.

    Easily jump to the Event Calendar or Processes to determine exactly what was happening when you experienced problems.

  • Service & Process Level Metrics
    Correlate operating system processes and services, and track historical performance.

    Auto-correlates processes with services to go beyond one-process-at-a-time analysis provided by other tools.

    Tracks historical performance so you can easily determine which processes or services caused a performance issue at some point in the past.

    Organizes related processes into friendly groups, with both individual and group-level metrics. Easily add custom groups or select from preconfigured groups, including SharePoint, IIS, SSIS, and SSRS.

  • Web and Mobile Access
    Get easily configurable, highly customizable cloud access to your performance data.

    Access many of the same views available in the SentryOne Client including all of the popular reporting options, the new alerting Events Log, and the Global Status view. Our unique Server Health Status view provides visibility into the health of your entire environment on a single screen.

    Go to cloud.sentryone.com

  • Processor Groups + NUMA
    View Processor Group and NUMA details for large scale environments.

    Supports processor groups to enable display of more than 64 processors on the dashboard.

    Organizes processors by NUMA node so you can easily evaluate how NUMA resources are being utilized, and judge the effectiveness of configured affinity settings.

  • Enhanced Global Baselines
    Manage change in your environment more effectively with baseline functionality.

    To help manage change in your environment, Win Sentry includes both pre-configured baselines and the ability to create your own custom baselines.

    Baselines can be viewed and managed from the Win Sentry Dashboard. At a glance, you can see where performance deviates and resolve those issues before they become a problem, making Windows Server performance monitoring easier than ever before.

  • Intelligent Alerting
    Tap into rich alerting features to build notifications that are timely and meaningful.

    Built into Win Sentry are rich alerting features, allowing you to build alerts that are meaningful in your environments. Alerting areas covered include Advisory Conditions™, health, distributed query performance thresholds, as well as load and backup performance.

    Complete control over your notification settings means you will always know what is happening without being inundated by useless alerts.

  • Event Calendar
    The Win Sentry Outlook-style calendar view provides a clear picture of your server event schedules.

    Gain unprecedented visibility and control over scheduling issues that can impact server performance. Quickly view historical and future schedule information at a glance, and easily resolve conflicts using drag-and-drop.

Additional Features

Global Server Status View

Be informed of the health status of all of your servers from a single, easy to view screen. Save time by identifying poorly performing metrics on each of your servers quickly and efficiently.

History and Alert Filtering

Event sources have a configurable history filter which enables control over which events are collected, displayed on the calendar, and available for alerting.

Job Chaining

Win Sentry's advanced chaining features enable you to quickly and easily define dependencies and workflows involving SQL Agent jobs and/or Windows tasks.

Performance Reporting

Pre-formatted reports are available on any metrics Win Sentry collects, from a global level down to individual counters.


Win Sentry

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995 List price

License option requires year one annual maintenance ($199) and provides technical support via e-mail and phone, software updates and version upgrades.


60 Per month

Subscription pricing is based on a 12-month term paid in advance with automatic renewal at the end of the term.

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For more information or if you have questions about upgrading, contact sales: 704-895-6241 | 855-775-7733 toll-free | sales@sentryone.com

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