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Complete package of services to accelerate your database performance


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SentryOne Enterprise Premiere gives you a data performance partner
Does your organization have a short timeline for addressing your database performance problems? Do you have a complex environment that requires additional expertise to implement SentryOne?
SentryOne Premiere is a complete package of services to help you achieve peak database performance.

What we do:

  • Install and configure SentryOne, including setting Advisory Conditions for proactive monitoring
  • Conduct a performance assessment of your environment and provide recommendations
  • Provide training on using SentryOne to monitor, diagnose, and optimize your database environment


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Q: How many hours of consultation does the SentryOne Enterprise Premiere session provide?

A: SentryOne Enterprise Premiere is a complete package of services specifically focused on your organization's needs, so the number of hours included in the engagement will vary.

Q: I need help with general SQL Server database management. Can SentryOne Pro Services help?

A: SentryOne has partnerships with industry-leading consulting companies who can provide expert database management training. Contact Pro Services for more information.