SentryOne Products Help You Build, Test, Document, and Monitor Microsoft Applications


Accelerate performance and quality of Microsoft database applications


SentryOne is the most capable, scalable platform for Data DevOps and Database Performance Monitoring. Our solutions help data pros accelerate performance across the entire database lifecycle—from development through production—on the Microsoft Data Platform, including SQL Server and Azure SQL Database.


Explore SentryOne for Data DevOps and Database Performance Monitoring:



Build data-centric applications:

Task Factory
Speed development with 75+ SSIS Components

DBA xPress
Compare, synchronize, and navigate database schema 

Speed the application testing process: 

SentryOne Test
Automated, cloud-based test framework for testing and validating data from development through production

Simplify documentation:

DOC xPress
Automatically generate documentation for SQL Server and other databases, conduct data lineage analysis, and manage metadata discovery

Accelerate database performance:

SentryOne Monitoring Products
Top-rated performance monitoring for the Microsoft Data Platform

BI xPress
Deploy, audit, and monitor SSIS data packages

Faster, more accurate Data DevOps and Database Performance Monitoring

Learn more about how SentryOne accelerates development and performance management of the Microsoft Data Platform with products for building, testing, documenting, and monitoring cloud and hybrid Microsoft databases and data warehouses. 

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Monitoring Platform

Top-rated database performance monitoring for:

  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Azure SQL Database & Azure SQL Warehouse
  • Amazon RDS for SQL Server
  • SQL Server on Linux


Need to monitor 5 or fewer targets?  SQL Sentry Essentials may be the right fit for you.

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Task Factory


Test-drive our high-performance Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) components and tasks. 

With more than 75 components that help you connect to nearly any data source, Task Factory increases productivity, improves performance and boosts ROI throughout the data lifecycle.

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Evaluate our solutions for deploying and monitoring SSIS packages, automatically generating database documentation, and comparing and synchronizing data schema. This bundle includes:

  • BI xPress
  • DOC xPress
  • DBA xPress
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Automated test framework for data testing and validation, based on industry standards and integrated with Visual Studio.

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