SSIS Components That Save You Time and Money

This Task Factory trial includes dozens of SSIS components that help you accelerate ETL processes, connect to nearly any data source, and tackle SSIS tasks related to:

  • Address validation
  • Advanced storage
  • Big data & analytics
  • Data warehousing
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Email
  • Enhanced ETL
  • Excel
  • REST
  • Salesforce
  • SharePoint
  • Social
  • Structured documents


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*This all-in-one free trial includes:

A free-forever license to use Task Factory in BIDS and SSDT (Visual Studio), which means you can execute packages with Task Factory components within BIDS and SSDT (Visual Studio) forever without a license. A 30-day full-feature license to run packages containing Task Factory components outside of BIDS and SSDT (i.e., DTEXEC). After the 30-day trial, you'll need a full license to run packages containing Task Factory components outside of Visual Studio.

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"We are heavy SQL Server Integration Services shop. There are a number of instances where we were faced with hand-coding solutions that would take hours or days to implement, but with Task Factory we were able to do it in seconds. "

Steven Gockley, MBA, MCSA, Boostability


"In our department, we use continuously and for several years Task Factory for the development of ETL through Microsoft Integration Services. I can assure you that it is absolutely an excellent product, without it the development of complex packages would certainly be longer, both in terms of time and in terms of effort in developing a lean and fast process."

Luca Campanelli, Goldbet S.p.A


"We bought Task Factory primarily for the bulk update and bulk task delete features. At the time we were looking to expand our customer base and all claim data related to it by four fold. By using Task factory within our SSIS, we were able to handle the extra load by only implementing the upsert and bulk updates into our existing integrations. There are a few other tools we also use, but bulk updating alone has more than paid for itself."

Bob Amy, Molina Healthcare