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who helps HealthcareSource ensure continuous data delivery to +3,500 healthcare facilities?




For HealthcareSource, a technology and services company that provides talent management solutions to 3,500-plus hospitals and other healthcare facilities, a constantly changing data environment is the norm—as are high expectations for database performance.



Healthcare talent management provider HealthcareSource needed a reliable way to ensure peak performance while managing database server migrations during and after acquiring companies.


HealthcareSource used SQL Sentry to establish performance baselines so that the team could mitigate any impact on performance while migrating databases between data centers.


The HealthcareSource team uses SQL Sentry to maintain continuous data delivery for 3,500-plus healthcare facilities with a lean database team managing more than 5,000 production SQL Server databases in a rapidly changing environment.




To learn more about how HealthcareSource used SQL Sentry to reduce optimization time for database server migrations, download the case study.


“SentryOne made my team and me super-heroes. Without SentryOne, my life would be much more stressful, where instead of doing proactive work and training, a much larger percentage of my time would be spent on reactive troubleshooting.”

— Vlad Ivanovich
Principal SQL Database Administrator


When performance testing lagged in a new datacenter, Ivanovich said that often the DBAs would point to problems in the application code. The developers would target the new database server as a root cause. It was time-consuming to determine where the team should concentrate their troubleshooting efforts—for example, which query plans could yield the greatest impact on performance.

Analyzing and documenting performance metrics is tedious and time-consuming, especially without established performance baselines that guide DBAs to the areas where their efforts will have the most impact. Establishing baselines is where SQL Sentry came into the picture for HealthcareSource—cutting analysis time and fostering a collaborative environment among DBAs and developers.


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